Baberaham Lincoln's uncommon cent

Well, I would tell you what I'm wanting to post about but it may be too controversial...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday's 2

1. My daughter learned a new vocabulary word this week. She went into the bathroom and read some graffatti. OF course, she doesn't get it, but she thought she would share the special thoughts left by some disgruntled middle schooler with the teacher that it was written about. Being a teachers kid, my daughter knows all the teachers so when she approached the teacher, he was cool. Then she dropped the bomb......."I read a note about you in the said, Mr. ____, is a c_cksucker." Too bad I wasn't there to see his face because he told me he was pretty blown away that she would had repeated that, but he realized that by the way she said it, she didn't have a clue about what it meant. When he shared this story with me, I was dumbfounded. Total disbelief. So I ask my precious where was that special note written. She of course showed me. I took some alcohol and rubbed it away. Oh the joys of parenthood. I have not mentioned it again, because I don't want this new word to become accomodated in her brain.
We have had a great laugh over this one.

2. I don't have anything else to write about. So have a good one.

Monday, October 16, 2006

1. Saw a fox the other day. It was about 8:00 in the morning and my hubby said, "Come quick, somethings outside..." So I came running and saw this beautiful fox leaping towards the woods. It had the bushiest tail.

2. The turkeys had been traveling thru the yard, but deer season has opened and they've disappeared. I kind of miss them. It became a daily ritual to see what time of day they would be here and how many would be in the group. We think we have 2 groups of turkeys that come this way. One group is mostly adults and very big. The other group is smaller which we think are the babies we saw earlier this year.

3. Bear tracks at school. I was planning an excursion on the school nature trail to go on a pretend bear hunt. Some one has placed ceramic black bears on the trail and the preK kids really enjoy this song we sing about a Bear Hunt. So being the wonderful teacher I am, I planned a bear hunt. Well, the teacher that uses the building at the entrance of the trail advised me not to go on the trail because of a bear track she found in the mud. The bear also left his paw marks on the concrete after being in the mud. Darn. No bear hunt for us.

4. Left for school the other morning and noticed the cows were trying to mate. This was my daughters first encounter with these such things....She was laughing and laughing and asked, "Why are those cows stacking up like that?" So I say, "They are trying to make babies." Her response, "Huh?" and that ended that conversation.

5. I am very excited about a real costume party that we have been invited to. It is mandatory that we dress up. I have a clown outfit, but that sounds boring. Does anyone have any suggestions for cheap costumes for my family?

6. Sold the Land Rover for $2100.00. Gave $1100 for it. So not a bad deal.

7. We are now the proud owners of a Toyota Tacoma. Won't I look cute?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

2 for the day

1. I am a coward. I have a difficult situation that I need to address with someone and just can't bring myself to confront them. Why is that? Why do I care how people feel or if they like me or not. I should just not care. I could always take lessons from my husband. HAHAHAHAHAH

2. The leaves are starting to change. On my drive home this weekend, you could see that the trees on top of the mountains had changed colors and the rest of the trees were green. So in the next couple of weeks things around here will be BEAUTIFU:LLLLLLLLL////'''.... can't wait