Baberaham Lincoln's uncommon cent

Well, I would tell you what I'm wanting to post about but it may be too controversial...

Friday, September 08, 2006

For Sale

Husband goes to car auction Tuesday night. Comes home with a 97 Land Rover. Why? To go four wheelin' maybe? I don't know. Anyway. if your interested. Let us know.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


1. I love fall. It is a great time here. The view is beautiful with all the leaves changing colors. Also, there are apple orchards within 30 minute drive from here. This weekend we enjoyed powdered apple cider doughnuts and apple cinnamon bread. Yum............. We plan on going over to the orchard as a family outing soon. Can't wait for more treats. Anyone up for a road trip can drive on down and join us for some apple pickin.

2. Total change of subject... In my profession I work with young children. This year it seems I have been blessed with 6 children who have their own agenda and it doens't agree with mine. I don't like having to be a "bad" guy all day, but I will not be controlled by this group of kids. I swear this is the first time these 6 have been told no. Today I was hit in the face and headbutted in the back. No, these precious ones were not sent to the office because I don't believe in that for my class, but I did have some words for them. I am going to start taping the SuperNanny for some parenting classes that I'm going to conduct. Won't that be interesting?

3. Are dreams real? I've been having some real strange dreams and 1 has me pretty scared so all you Freuds give me your opinions.