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Well, I would tell you what I'm wanting to post about but it may be too controversial...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Drivers Ed

Remember when you were 15 and taking drivers ed? I loved the class. 4 weeks of lecture and then the rest of the sememster was spent behind the wheel. Oh how I wished I hadn't memorized my answers for the test.....I finally registered myself with this wonderful state today by barely getting my drivers license. I was supposed to register way back last year when I moved, but being the rebellious person I am, I refused. I had a car wreck in January and was told by the ever so very nice state patrol to get registered within 30 days or else. (I've been wondering what he would have done to me if I hadn't since I didn't... I've not seen him since that January night that Heath Shular saved me from getting 2 tickets) Anyway, I had decided to wait until my license expired which would have been in 2007. I was planning on no tickets or wrecks. But my insurance company kept calling wanting my drivers license number from this state. I've had 4 phone calls and 1 letter. So I thought, just go get your license. Ok. I went one day this summer to get it and did not have my SS card with me. So they would not even let me do it because I did not have the paperwork needed. Well, I was going to be in town today and thought that this day was the day to get my license so I went to the DMV. I had to wait 30 minutes and then they called me over. First I had to verify all my information then take a vision test. I did great on the sight part because I have perfect eyes thanks to lasik, but then I had to identify 15 road signs. Ok.... not so easy. I haven't looked at a drivers handbook in years. I told the truth when I didn't know (which caused my husband great pain that I didn't fake it) and I didn't know about 5 signs. Then I had to take a test. Oh my... that was interesting. I tried to guess but I realized that I lived in a different state with different laws and what I know about that state may not be true about this one. So mulitple guess it was. I was sweating when i finished because I knew in my heart I had failed. I could only miss five. I watched that lady grade my paper and she marked 5 wrong very early and she still had more that half the test to grade....great I thought. I've got to come back. How embarrassing. Well, I saw the answer key and I saw my answers and there were plenty more wrong, but the lady passed me.... Can you believe it? I can't, but I'm glad I don't have to go back like some teenagers do.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I think I've done some of the hardest work I've ever done this week. On Tuesday, we went to my mom's and helped her with some trees. My husband and my dad cut the trees down, while my mom, me, 3 kids, and my 86 year old grandpa drug brush. That is hard work especially in this weeks heat. We tried to get my grandpa to stop, but he couldn't and wouldn't. The kids were a great help until one of them got into a bees nest. Then my dad and my mom ended up getting stung. Our neighbor joked that she was going to sue my dad for unlawful child labor because her grandson helped us too. And if working at my mom's was not enough with trees, my husband decided to go to our property "to clean it up". Of course, I thought he was going to piddle on the backhoe and would not need my help. I was wrong. I had to go and while he sat on the backhoe knocking down trees, etc., I again was dragging brush. That was awful. We've done that for 2 days. Yesterday we had a huge brush fire. It is amazing how different our land looks now. We are about to have a place cleared to put a house. About 2 more days work and that should do it. Anyway, logging and brush dragging are 2 jobs that stink. I think all of you who are house building should truly experience clearing of land to really get a good idea of what it's like to prepare to build a house.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The One Eyed God

Here I am again on a glorious day, worshipping the one eyed God. I can't help it. With nothing to do here, I just channel surf all day unless there is a good book to read. I can only do so much laundry and I limit the amount of house work I do. My daughter's brain is getting a little soft from so much TV. WHY can't I find better entertainment.

Went to see "Ricky Bobby" last nigt. It was great. I've not laughed that much in a movie ever. Thanks to a special friend who kept my daughter. She had a great time with you.

Ok. Well that 's all I have to say. So just remember if you ain't 1st, your last.
Shake and Bake Baby