Baberaham Lincoln's uncommon cent

Well, I would tell you what I'm wanting to post about but it may be too controversial...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


1. It sure does stink to be six and not get invited to a party that your friends are going to. This happened last week to my child. She actually handled it very well. No tears. She said she must not like me since I didn't get a card. I, of course, was so hurt for her. It just put the reality of being so alone in a foreign country in my mind. I try to hide from this thought and was actually doing good, but then this kinda thing happens. I'm glad we read the Junie B. Jones book about her not getting to go to That Jim I hate that Jim's party. I think it helped.

2. And maybe the reason my kid doesn't get invited is because her mother is not so friendly. I have a hard time making conversation or I just don't want to talk about what they are talking about. That is why I'm struggling with making friends. I don't talk. or I'm not friendly. How does one change that part of themselves.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Fun in the Sun

This Memorial Day weekend usually begins the summer season for boaters. We received an invitation to go out on the lake Saturday. So we uncovered the jetskis, hooked up, and were ready to go when on a test start up Babe Sr. realized he had not charged the batteries. So after jumping the boats off on an extra battery we just happened to have, we were off.

Now some of you know about Babe Sr. invention - the jet ski trailer. I always get anxious and sick at my stomach when we have to put the boats in or take them out because this trailer has been the cause of many heated conversations between us especially when we are at the dock. I was anticipating another such conversation, but it never happened. We found a place that was actually easy to use and I wasn't worried about the skis crashing off the invention. Everything went beautifully. The only thing I had to worry about was not letting the yellow ski turn off because it was having a harder time keeping charged from the jump. So no pressure there!! Well, we finally got in the water and were off. We had a great day swimming and riding. We were having so much fun, we forgot one important thing that is imperative to being in the sun for the first time - SUNSCREEN!! My family is now a warm red color thanks to the beautiful sunshine on Saturday. And my daughter, Babe Jr., is experiencing sunburn for the first time. It is no fun listening to a kid whine when I'm in just as much pain. And stores around here don't carry aloe. Only Wal-Mart has the golden liquid. It has taken us 2 days to get to town to buy some relief.

All in all we had a great day. The only major thing that happened was Babe Sr. took off on the jetski and nobody paid any attention to the direction he went. He was missing a long time before I decided to go look for him in the opposite direction he went. So when I went the other way, I met him idling back to the place we were swimming. The yellow ski is experiencing some technical difficulties. It looks like it will be in the shop along time. and thanks to the slow ride Babe Sr. experienced, he is extra crispy burned. So I can't complain too much, we had a great time and the yellow ski has never given us trouble til now. That's 9 years without any major repairs.

Couple of things I noticed Saturday...... as I'm aging, I look different in a swimsuit and I can't say for the better. Babe Jr. is having a great time pointing out things on me that are spooky, like spider veins on my legs. Ain't life grand.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


1. Well, I'm finding myself at a loss of what to do now that 2 of my favorite shows have ended for the season. I think I've spent more time with the TV lately than anyone else. Thanks to some friends in the Lonestar Star, I became addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Couldn't miss an episode. I found myself crying like a baby during the season finale. How do writers of TV do that? ER also ended for the season. It ended on a cliffhanger, which I hate.

2. The final episode for ALIAS was a complete bore. They let a super show go down hill very fast. The last episode did not do Sydney Bristow justice. Usually after watching the show, I want to go run or beat someone up or exercise. She was a motivation for me to get in shape. All I wanted to do last night after the show ended was eat the Mayfield's Extreme Moosetracks that we have in our freezer.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Because of all the oil sniffing, I completely forgot about this blog. But the fog has cleared and I may be able to complete a coherent thought. Our family has been very busy lately, we've been going here and there, ball practice, 3 trips to JC in May, and just life has gotten in the way of sitting down to post. There is only 3 more weeks of school left so maybe during the summer, I'll do a better job of updating. As usual, I'm not sure what I should be saying because I really don't have anything to tell. Maybe by Tuesday, I'll have 2 things. Is that still going on? I don't want to miss if it still is......

Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Obsession...

From what I can tell, this is my best chance to enlighten the general public of the oddity that is my life. Who knows where my obsession with Patchouli Oil came from, but it is all I think about. I know what your thinking, this patchouli obsession is simply a cover up of my even bigger obsession of smoking the chronic. Well, your right, but that's a different story all together. So, today I'll expose just how far reaching the stench of my beloved oil is.
First off, I'll have to let you know that I have these devices that automatically release sprits of oil every hour on the hour. There is two in every room. I love it so much that fresh air kind of makes me nausious, so I avoid it at all costs.
Instead of washing my clothes, I simply soak everything in Patchouli, that way I don't waste time having to spray myself. I have found that the oil is kind of a do all product like duct tape. I use it as toothpaste, shampoo, and it makes a wonderful spice on spaghetti. I am saving up to put a pool in the backyard, because I can think of no better way to spend a hot summer day than swimming in patchouli.
I have even customized my car, I call it Patty the Patchouli Prowler, it's awesome. It's a brand new 1972 gremlin, and it runs on, you guessed it, patchouli. It's cheaper than gas, and better for the environment. I even rerouted the exhaust so it comes through the vent system.
You may be wondering where I get my supply, well I grow it downstairs, along with a couple other choice plants.
Oh, I got to go my Patchouli soup is getting cold.